I believe that everyone has the birthright to express themselves through joy, love, sexuality, creativity, curiosity, and to evolve through all aspects of their essential natures. It is from this belief-seed that I enter this work in the desire that this offering will perpetuate love and create a healthier,  more awake Earth.

With intention I enter this path and believe deeply that the more we open ourselves to the possibility of complete integration of all the parts of ourselves (including the shadow areas) the more empowered we become–the stronger we become—the happier and more peaceful and Vibrant we become. As a life-long student and guide of Tantra I bring the gift of my presence and experience. A yogi for over 10 years,  I have learned through physical practice and meditation how to be present in the body, mind, and spirit.

For my entire life I have been expressing through body-centered art forms such as ballet, modern-dance, yoga, singing and theater. Awakening through my body opened doorways to my creative/sexual being and I started searching for more understanding and depth—the universe broadened and there was Tantra. I began spending time with a community whose interest was wrapped around Tantric philosophy and Sacred Sexuality, and then before I knew it I was studying to become a Certified Tantra Guide.

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Contemporary Tantra

Sacred Sexuality

Sacred sexuality represents a lifestyle choice of being present, of tuning into our erotic worlds and embracing all of our desires dark or light from an authentic and honoring perspective. It is grounded in the idea that all parts of us are sacred and that it is how we approach these parts that really matters. Sacred sex education shows us how to listen to what our bodies want from a place of non judgment, how to be more orgasmic, how to consciously move into altered states for transformation and how to feel erotic empowerment by utilizing our sexual energy rather than suppressing it or ignoring it in our evolutionary experience. Sacred sexuality teaches us that in order to truly connect with someone, we first need to connect with ourselves and then we can merge with another in true reverence.

What is contemporary Tantra?

To define Tantra in words is difficult, ask any practitioner and you will most likely get a different answer reflecting their embodied experience and their knowledge of all the varieties of lineages Tantra stems from.

Generally the Sanskrit word Tantra translates into such words as to weave, to liberate, to expand and to be free.

Contemporary Tantra is however different from the more traditional forms of Tantra and yet is also very controversial in its use of the word. It is believed that contemporary, neo or “pop” Tantra has evolved its branches of the traditional forms of the Philosophy it once was into something more sexually focused to assist people in need of a more spiritual and connected intimate experience of life and sexuality today. What Tantra does do is embrace sexuality as a way of connecting to the divine and not suppress it like other religions and philosophies; although it is important for me to acknowledge that there is so much more to understanding Tantric philosophy than sexuality alone. In fact to truly start understanding Tantra one must begin to understand energy and sexual energy is a great catalyst for doing so!

Traditional Tantra did integrate sexuality as a part of a person’s whole wellbeing and with the Tantriks understanding that sexual energy could be a faster path to enlightenment than other forms of meditation alone. Tantra really was a very underground, rebellious and unique practice because essentially it is about acknowledging all of our human desires and worshipping them in many sometimes-complex ways that wouldn’t be appropriate for the modern day householder.

The Tantric teachings have also offered insight into ancient ways of assisting issues holistically because at this point in time many of these “issues” are treated with such things as medication, however in some circumstances there can be another approach. These challenges may include premature ejaculation, erection dysfunction, orgasmic difficulties and anxiety.

It is my mission to teach people about sacred sexuality which does adopt the pop Tantra teachings I have learnt but it also embraces methods from other educational paths such as modern day Sexology, Taoism, Shamanism, Counseling and Embodied learning.

If what I have expressed resonates with you then I invite you to join me on a journey of erotic transformation. By refining our understanding of sexual energy, we become more aware of its potential for greatness in all aspects of our wellbeing.

Through these practices you will embrace your body with more consciousness, sacredness and empowerment. It is a powerful and fulfilling path.

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Session available in Vancouver, BC Canada, I also traveling Toronto, Calgary, Montreal and other international destinations. London, England, Paris France.


Sensual Coaching Sessions

These immersive coaching sessions provide an easily accessible resource for anyone looking to expand their sensual-lifestyle knowledge. Private coaching is ideal for individuals and couples working on compatability, health and/or spiritual issues, or simply working their way toward a more sensually inspired life!  Discover More…

Sensual Tantra Sessions

Sensual-Tantra sessions are at once exciting, relaxing and beneficial for your body. During our session we’ll open lines and points of energy, revealing hidden pleasure centers in your body. Sensual sensations increase many fold, and you will experience new ways of feeling and being via your orgasm.

Tantra techniques reveal your sensual strengths and weaknesses, and help to create a sure path to health, vitality and strength. Discover more…

Tantra for Couples

In ancient times a woman’s sexuality was revered as a sacred form of power.  A man’s sexuality was honored as an active force in nature that no other could match. Together, Shiva and Shakti were recognized as the creators of the entire universe.

Losing touch with this simple truth has led us to unlearn a very valuable natural instinct imbued with techniques for sexual pleasuring, and respect for the opposite sex.  To re-learn these techniques and play in the orgasmic state of bliss for lengthened periods of time is to reclaim our sexual power, sensuality, and openness to love.  Discover more


It’s my solid intention and highest regard to offer you an authentically relaxing and connected experience. Every meeting I have is as distinctive an adventure as the person with whom I share it.  I cherish each and every experience as unique and individual—crafting a session that satisfies your personal desires and satiates your sensual cravings.

Sessions may include any of the following components…

Bath Ceremony
Session Elements
Session Elements
Session Elements
Session Elements
Session Elements
Session Elements
  • Namaste Olivia,  I would like to extend my deepest gratitude for the time we shared yesterday.   Throughout the rest of my day, evening and this morning my mind continues to gravitate towards you. I experienced a plethora of emotion during and after our time together. I found myself to experience fascination while remaining perplexed about some of these elements. My fascination is rooted in how you were able to walk into my sacred place and touch me deep inside. I was also fascinated by the profound window of wisdom you revealed to me through your eyes.. I could never thank you enough for allowing me this glimpse. I believe it was through this window that I experienced the greatest love and respect for you and who you are. I truly believe that you are the most beautiful women on the face of this earth.  After sleeping with these thoughts I woke with the understanding that you are a Goddess, an actual Goddess. I understand that many women must possess Goddess like elements but few women seem to embody them the way you do. I now understand why I immediately came to honor, respect and worship every molecule of your being. I feel so honored and blessed to have spent time with you.  Thank you Olivia

  • Olivia,
    Just a follow up to today. I want to thank you for an amazing few hours. The massage so good, and your touch and to touch you, incredible. It was truly wonderful.
    I will remember the breathing and the flow of energy and work to practice every day.

  • I wanted to thank you for your very kind and helpful words yesterday. You are a sweetheart, and an amazing woman. We wanted to thank you for such a wonderful experience for us both. We connected with you immediately, from the time you opened the door. It was a something that we will share for a long time and look forward to connecting
    again with you soon.

  • Just a note to thank-you again for the session yesterday! I did not think so much could be accomplished in one session. I wish to convey that anyone who is seriously considering the path of tantric massage and the world of valuables that are hidden in its gardens will have found a true teacher and guide by choosing to utilize your expertise, knowledge and compassion/passion when navigating the tantric path. What an experience!!! I can not imagine so much success so quickly traveling with anyone else. Blessings until next time. ~ Les

  • We had the pleasure of attending Olivia’s Embodied Tantra Workshop last year and it really was a life changer. Actually more of a sex life changer! We learned so much from each session and felt that we brought a whole new element to our sex life. Olivia clearly explained the philosophies and techniques of tantra and opened our eyes to a whole new world of sensual fun. Learning to slow down and enjoy the moment really allowed us to open ourselves up to new sensations and experiences. We look forward to learning more and continuing down the path that Olivia opened up for us. If you have a chance to attend one of her sessions, then do it! You won’t regret it!

    Pat and Karla, Whistler
    March 2013

    Web Client
  • How nice to meet you today.  You are a beautiful soul and a sublime woman.
    What a phenomenal  experience, hopefully just the first of many.
    I hope to see you again soon,
    Namaste, W, Vancouver May 2012
    Web Client
  • I am a Tantric sexual master, and being so I have had the opportunity to receive sensual tantric healing work from some of the best woman tantric practitioners on the planet. It is my learned opinion that Olivia Jade is one of the best in North America (I do not have experience of Europe). She continues to study and advance her practice of tantra on many fronts, which is a sign of someone to be trusted in her work. She is presently my personal tantric bodyworker, and now friend.  If you are considering whom to work with, I say, look no further, act now, do not miss an opportunity such as this, I am very glad I did not hesitate. Enjoy and heal!

    Jacques Drouin, Founder of “Tantric Arts of Love”.

    Web Client


$200per hour.
  • 1.5 hours $300
  • 2 hours $400
$250per hour.
  • 1.5 hour $375
  • 2 hours $500
  • 3 hours $750
- Experimental -
$300per hour.
  • 1.5 hour $450
  • 2 hours $600
  • 3 hours $900


“I will not be just a tourist in the world of images,

just watching images passing by which I cannot live in,

make love to, possess as permanent

sources of joy and ecstasy.”

~ Anise Nin


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