Sensual Erotic Massage

To experience deep relaxation as your body is seduced into a state of total surrender

Tantric Touch

Explore sacred sensuality practices that heighten intimacy

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Sensual Goddess

Muse ~ Dakini ~ Teacher ~ Sensual artist

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Lovers Delight Couples Tantra

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I welcome you to my Tantra Temple to explore the ancient mysteries of life and to unfold the deep secrets from the depth of your being.

Goddess Olivia Jade


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Temple offerings


  • Erotic Massage & Sensual Play
  • Tantric Bath & Massage Ceremony
  • Male and Female Sacred Spot Healing
  • Couples Guidance in Tantric Practice
  • Spiritual Personal Development Guidance
  • Genuine healing touch from a beautiful and highly trained Goddess in a sacred sanctuary devoted to the Tantric Arts
  • Full-body relaxation
  • An intoxicating refreshment of the senses, exotic and spiritually fulfilling
  • Amazing new techniques for beginner to advanced, for increasing virility, potency, control, pleasure and prowess
  • Techniques for the cultivation of focus, balance and sensual awakening

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The GODDESS is awake and alive in all of us!

The beauty of our erotic nature is that it is ever present, ever coexisting with every part of our lives and therefore it requires constant awareness and awakening.

Our sensual body is a pure, creative life-force and its liberation initiates us into new levels of freedom and personal power.  We are born with an appetite for erotic pleasure, for the delicious sensations of intimate touch and erotic arousal…

I welcome you into my pristine, retreat-like temple space to escape into a moment held just for you.   We will laugh, explore, excite and dive-in to the unknown together. The seductive magnetism that exists between us is a sacred familiarity to be celebrated!

When you’re ready, I’ll be waiting…

With Love,

Olivia Jade

Tantra Vancouver & Toronto | Sacred Sexual Healing | Intimacy Coaching | Sensual Tantric Massage