My Name is Olivia

artist, healer, yogini, dancer, muse

I believe that everyone has the birthright to express themselves through joy, love, sexuality, creativity, curiosity, and to evolve through all aspects of their essential natures. It is from this belief-seed that I enter this work in the desire that this offering will perpetuate love and create a healthier, more awake Earth.

With intention I enter this path and believe deeply that the more we open ourselves to the possibility of complete integration of all the parts of ourselves (including the shadow areas) the more empowered we become–the stronger we become—the happier and more peaceful and Vibrant we become. As a life-long student and guide of Tantra I bring the gift of my presence and experience. A yogi for over 10 years,  I have learned through physical practice and meditation how to be present in the body, mind, and spirit.

For my entire life I have been expressing through body-centred art forms such as ballet, modern-dance, yoga, singing and theatre. Awakening through my body opened doorways to my creative/sexual being and I started searching for more understanding and depth—the universe broadened and there was Tantra. I began spending time with a community whose interest was wrapped around Tantric philosophy and Sacred Sexuality, and then before I knew it I was studying to become a Certified Tantra Guide


To define Tantra in words is difficult, ask any practitioner and you will most likely get a different answer reflecting their embodied experience and their knowledge of all the varieties of lineages Tantra stems from.

Generally the Sanskrit word Tantra translates into such words as to weave, to liberate, to expand and to be free.

Contemporary Tantra is however different from the more traditional forms of Tantra and yet is also very controversial in its use of the word. It is believed that contemporary, neo or “pop” Tantra has evolved its branches of the traditional forms of the Philosophy it once was into something more sexually focused to assist people in need of a more spiritual and connected intimate experience of life and sexuality today. What Tantra does do is embrace sexuality as a way of connecting to the divine and not suppress it like other religions and philosophies; although it is important for me to acknowledge that there is so much more to understanding Tantric philosophy than sexuality alone. In fact to truly start understanding Tantra one must begin to understand energy and sexual energy is a great catalyst for doing so!

Traditional Tantra did integrate sexuality as a part of a person’s whole wellbeing and with the Tantriks understanding that sexual energy could be a faster path to enlightenment than other forms of meditation alone. Tantra really was a very underground, rebellious and unique practice because essentially it is about acknowledging all of our human desires and worshipping them in many sometimes-complex ways that wouldn’t be appropriate for the modern day householder.

The Tantric teachings have also offered insight into ancient ways of assisting issues holistically because at this point in time many of these “issues” are treated with such things as medication, however in some circumstances there can be another approach. These challenges may include premature ejaculation, erection dysfunction, orgasmic difficulties and anxiety.

It is my mission to teach people about sacred sexuality which does adopt the pop Tantra teachings I have learnt but it also embraces methods from other educational paths such as modern day Sexology, Taoism, Shamanism, Counseling and Embodied learning.

If what I have expressed resonates with you then I invite you to join me on a journey of erotic transformation. By refining our understanding of sexual energy, we become more aware of its potential for greatness in all aspects of our wellbeing.

Through these practices you will embrace your body with more consciousness, sacredness and empowerment. It is a powerful and fulfilling path.


Session available in Vancouver, BC Canada, I also traveling Toronto, Calgary, Montreal and other international destinations. London, England, Paris France.


The Tantra session hold a sacred space in my heart…

In this session we focus on cultivating a genuine connection to be shared with a sense of desire, fun, and exploration.

In this session we peel away the layers of hardness and reveal something profoundly soft, inviting, and luscious.  We literally escape our hard and constructed perceptions for a moment, to feel what it might be like to be completely surrendered to the Goddess and her gifts of pleasure.

Begin your Tantric journey with the Bath Ceremony to induce a calm and relaxed state of mind, body and spirit. You’ll experience a heavenly massage that includes various modalities.

Traditional Tantric Ceremony

Tantric Ceremony is a sacred path to enlightenment, helping to cultivate balance and awareness.  We focus attention on the subtleties that lie between our physical experience and our emotional and spiritual development.  What we can sense in this aspect of our practice is a great calmness and appreciation for the moment we are sharing.

Tantric Potency Exercise (for Men)

Receive specific coaching and instruction in Ancient Tantric breathing and muscle contracting exercises directed towards invigorating your physical body, expanding your potency, increasing sensation and personal virility. Learn the skills necessary to not only be a good lover… but to be an extraordinary lover!

Orgasm Expansion and Re-Connection (for Women)

Discover the potential of the nine levels of your orgasm.  Learn how to create a series of techniques that work specifically for you to experience multiple orgasms and re-discover your Tantric Goddess and Shakti energy! Embody Shakti by helping your partner re-create your ideal sensual experience at home.

You may expect your session to include…

  • Full-body relaxation
  • An intoxicating refreshment of the senses, exotic and spiritually fulfilling
  • Secret techniques for beginner to advanced for increasing virility, sensation, pleasure, and prowess
  • Secret techniques for pleasuring your partner
  • Techniques for the cultivation of balance and sensual re-awakening
  • Genuine healing touch from a highly trained Goddess in a sacred sanctuary devoted to the Tantric Arts

Tantra techniques reviewed…

  • Sensual Relaxation
  • Ejaculation Mastery
  • Muscle and Breath Coordination
  • Kama Sutra Posture
  • Increased Orgasmic Response
  • Kundalini Awareness
  • Positive Sexual Conditioning

Male Sacred Spot

Pressure to provide, perform and perfect hinder the flow of energy creating blockages that sometimes take the form of sexual dysfunction.  Ridding the body and mind of anxiety, this experience is entirely for your pleasure.  Once the body is nourished and relaxed, the focus is drawn to the first and second Chakras. The area of the male G-spot/prostate gland are, according to Tantric philosophy, the energetic access point for the Kundalini energy that leads to enlightenment.

Many emotional and psychological issues may be stored in this part of the body dealing with abuse, abandonment and/or rejection.  Survival, security, finance, and commitment reside in the Muladhara or root Chakra, located at the base of the spine. When this area is stimulated and released it will greatly increase your capacity to feel pleasure and sensation.

Experiences vary when accessing this emotional well in the body. Full-body orgasms often occur; and other times an emotional release followed by immense pleasure will overwhelmingly fill the body and senses.  Effects from this experience can last a few minutes, a few hours, or a lifetime…  it’s that powerful!  A safe environment and a dedicated partner and guide will support you during your journey.

Female Orgasm Exploration

Women are rediscovering sensuality everywhere and the benefits in reconnecting this “missing link” are apparently joyous!

Fear of fully understanding our pleasure potential in the past has made women the target of a sad deceit and frustrating numbness.  The truth is that the potential pleasure of a woman’s experience may far outweigh that of the man – sometimes creating a gender-culture divide.

Many women have the sense that their orgasmic experiences have been incomplete.  50% of women have never felt the shiver of an orgasm in their lifetime.  Either is due to improper stimulation, lack of body awareness, and a disconnection between heart and sex.  Either can be solved by exploring the different types of orgasms we, as women, are capable of having.

The female sacred spot/G-spot is a powerful reconnection to the feminine and Shakti energy each of us embodies – and still, this is only a small part of our exploration into the Full Orgasm.  Similar to a secret that we are just getting wind of, we now have the knowledge and freedom to explore these areas and all they hold with significance and personal power.


It’s my solid intention and highest regard to offer you an authentically relaxing and connected experience. Every meeting I have is as distinctive an adventure as the person with whom I share it.  I cherish each and every experience as unique and individual—crafting a session that satisfies your personal desires and satiates your sensual cravings.

Sessions may include any of the following components…



You will endear yourself to me by introducing yourself and communicating in full sentences, even when texting.

Returning Patrons: You may reach out to me through whatever means is most comfortable for you.

New Seekers: Please fill out my Secure Contact Form completely. (I will not respond to incomplete requests.) I am available most days between 10am-7pm and will consider an out-of-hours engagement with enough advance notice.

Please arrive on time ~ neither early, nor late. I make use of every last minute to prepare, please don’t arrive early. Should you be running late, kindly inform me right away so that I can adjust our time accordingly. Our time together is precious ~ punctuality will help us start off on a sweet note.

Please reserve our greetings and farewells for inside my sanctuary; enter and exit quietly.
Don’t open the door and announce to all my neighbors how much you enjoyed our rendezvous.
Do kiss my hand, look deeply into my eyes and tell me how much you appreciated our time together, and then open the door and quietly slip away…

Upon entering, kindly place your donation in plain sight. This is a sacred exchange; please let us not discuss money at this time, but move graciously forward. (A gentleman comes prepared with his full donation ready and in an unsealed envelope.)

Before we start, there will be an opportunity to clarify what you desire from our time together. Please inform me of any functional issues you may be experiencing, so I can best serve you.
I strive to bring you the best possible experience, and your relaxation and pleasure are important to me. If there is anything you need, please let me know.

Touching me is by invitation only ~ the focus is on your experience.

By contacting me you agree to be discreet and keep the details of my location and of our time together private. You may post a tasteful review of your experience, kindly keeping details to an elegant minimum.

Our time in the oasis together is sacred. I reserve the right to end the session without reimbursing for lost time if I am treated with disrespect or have to reinforce my boundaries.
I will not see you if you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Please understand: I have reserved this time solely for you. If circumstances should change, I require 24 hours notice or a cancellation fee of 50% of your session donation.
No-shows will be blacklisted. Please book with me only if you are certain you can keep our appointment.

This is my business as well as my art ~ please treat my time with respect.


What are your rates?

You will find my donations on the Meetings page, under Rates.

What can I expect from our time together?

My sessions are a combination of verbal guidance and devotional/sensual touch. My clients come to me with a wide range of objectives ~ some wish to have a deeply relaxing and sensual experience, others may have sexual issues or a piqued curiosity about Tantra. Each session is tailored to your specific needs and will leave you feeling nourished, rejuvenated and uplifted.

What it is not:
This is not a rushed rub-down.
This is not a full service, an escort or “girlfriend experience”, “dark tantra”, fantasy or role-play, nor is it a “mutual experience”.
I do not offer any extras or other sexual favors ~ please don’t ask.

Touching me is by invitation only.

For more on the context of my work, please see Bio and Philosophy.

What is required of me?

Sincerity and an open mind. Respect, manners and hygiene are always appreciated.

Please take a moment to read Etiquette and familiarize yourself with the do’s and don’t’s, making sure my style suits your needs.

Can I touch or kiss you during our session?

No. With good rapport, I may invite your gentle and respectful touch. It is never to be expected. There is no exchange of fluids. This keeps my practice safe and the container of our session sacred.

Do you offer Tantra?

Tantra is a Sanskrit term describing several Eastern, spiritual systems from Hinduism, Buddhism and Taoism. These traditions share erotic practices, in which sexual energy is utilized as a vehicle for personal and spiritual growth. Tantra in the West is often equated with sex, or more specific: exotic, slow sex. This classifies as Neo-Tantra.

I want to be clear that what I offer is not Tantra, but an exquisite sensual experience that is influenced by the tantric philosophy and its practices.

Are you available for same-day appointments?

Yes, though generally I prefer advance notice (ideally 48 hours or more). I am available most days between 10am-7pm. In order to be more spontaneous you are always welcome to pre-screen with me, as the process may take a few moments.

If I am able to, I will be happy to accommodate you on the spur-of-the-moment; but even then I will need at least a couple of hours to prepare.

To initiate contact please fill out my Secure Contact Form.

Is there a way to be notified of your travel schedule?

Of course! Please check my Travel Calendar. You may also request to be on my Mailing List; you will receive a single and discreet message by email or text informing you of my next visit.

How can I prepare for our time together?

I suggest arriving hydrated and showered. Enjoy a light meal, very little to no alcohol and, if you can, some movement ~ such as a short walk in the fresh air.

You are welcome to freshen up in my well appointed bathroom before and after our session. All products are organic and fragrance free.

If you are interested in delving deeper into Tantra and the approach I offer, here is some recommended reading:
The Heart of Tantric Sex by Diana Richardson
The Way of the Superior Man by David Deida

How can I follow up and best integrate after our meeting?

Take the fragrance of our time together with you when you go. Give yourself a moment to transition into your day-to-day reality: Keep the phone off for a little longer, take in the world around you, feel the air against your skin and take another luxuriously full breath as you switch gears. Drink a lot of water throughout the rest of the day ~ we moved a lot of energy. You may find that the seeds planted during our time will continue unfolding and informing your everyday life.

What are the benefits of this work?

Deeply relax and flow back into your day, feeling reset, rejuvenated, inspired and energized

  • Let go of the weight and the demands of everyday life
  • Expand your sensual horizon
  • Master your sexual energy
  • Learn sustained arousal and ejaculation control
  • Reconnect with your authentic being
  • Deepen your capacity for intimacy
  • Develop the presence that will make you a better lover

How can I show my appreciation?

Please honor my Tributes. Gratuities and gifts are not expected, but will always be graciously accepted.


Before moving forward, though, we need to take some steps together to ensure our compatibility, and that both our needs are met.

When making contact you will endear yourself to me by giving me advance notice (ideally 48 hours or more) and all the information I require to make scheduling effortless and smooth. I can be reached between 10am and 7pm, most days.

I most enjoy inquiries from those who have taken a moment to familiarize themselves with the information in Etiquette and FAQs and, as icing on the cake, my Philosophy.

Dear Returning Patrons:
For same-day appointments your success rate will be considerably higher if you contact me before 11am that day. You may text, email, call or send me a message through the Secure Contact Form.

Kindly provide me with your preferred time for our meeting, as well as length of session. If I haven’t seen you in a while, please jog my memory and give me something to remember you by. I will follow up with you promptly.

Potential New Visitors:
You have one shot at a first impression; make it a good one! I LOVE and am delighted by thoughtful inquiries. Introduce yourself. Filling out my Secure Contact Form. in detail is by far the easiest and most efficient way to initiate contact with me. Know that I will not respond to incomplete requests.

If you feel more comfortable emailing me directly, please feel free to do so. And remember that we will still need to verify you.

My favorite kind of inquiry: “Hi, my name is Steven Smith, I will be in town next week Tue-Thu and would love to come see you. Any of those days are good for me, after 5pm. I have no prior experience with Tantra, but have been curious for a while and know that I’d enjoy learning from you. A 2hr Tantric-Bliss session with a bath sounds perfect. I can be reached anytime at this email/phone number. Here is my professional information. Please let me know if there is anything else you need.”

My Secure Contact Form has been designed with everyone’s ease and safety in mind. You have a wealth of online resources about me at your fingertips, including current photos and Reviews. I in turn need to verify whom I invite into my private Sanctuary. If you are uncomfortable with my requirements, I gently suggest that you enjoy yourself elsewhere.

Feel free to ask questions, but please, be respectful. Remember, there are some questions that I cannot answer.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Warmly Yours,

My favorite way to be contacted, especially by New Seekers, is through my Secure Contact Form.

If it makes you more comfortable, you are welcome to email me directly: